My garage only travels a bit and and reverses.

This could be one of two problems.

1. All electric operators have safety systems built in to detect an obstacle when hit. If a garage is closing and it encounters an obstacle it will stop and re-open
2. when it opens and an obstacle is encountered it will only stop.

The following points can be followed to check;

Ensure that there is no obstacle in the way of the garage door’s travel.

  • Manually operate garage to see if there are no difficult spots during the travel of the garage door. If so a service is required.
  • Try and adjust the obstacle level. Please contact us for advice.

It is not safe to adjust the obstacle level to overcome a badly fitted or worn garage door or to prevent false obstacle signals being detected by the garage door motor.

My garage door is very heavy to open. Will automating the door solve this?

No! Repair or replace the garage door. If the garage door is too heavy, either the springs have worn out and lost their tension or something potentially more serious is wrong such as worn parts in the rollers or the lifting arms. If they were to break during operation the result could be very serious!

Automation is not a quick fix solution to a heavy garage door. It will help in the lifting of large garage doors. All electric motors have safety systems built in to detect an obstacle when hit. If you fit an electric motor to a badly fitted or worn garage door, the safety sensors have to be overridden to prevent signals being detected by the motor and causing constant auto reverse situations. An electric motor should only be installed to a perfectly balanced garage door whatever the age and model.

What guarantee do I get?

 We offer a 6 months guarantee on all repairs, and up to 1 year guarantee on new doors and operators. 

Would you be able to do servicing / work in my area?

 We serve the greater Durban area, including the Highway area, Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge.