We stock a wide range of Torsion springs, and Tension springs. When fitting new springs to any garage door it is vital to know what size spring is required. Spring size is determined by the weight of the door.


Garage door cables come in two lengths according to whether a Torsion   Spring System, or a Tension  Spring System is used. We also supply extra long cables for use with caravan (extra height) garage doors.


Hinges are found only on sectional  garage doors, and are numbered according to their position on the door. The hinge is this picture is a number 2 hinge. It is important to use the correct hinge in the correct position.


Drums are found on Sectional  garage doors that use a Torsion   Spring System. Durban Garage Doors also supplies extra large drums that are used  with caravan (extra height) garage doors.


Tracks are fixed to the wall with L-Brackets (Jam Brackets) and provide a channel for the door to open through. Rollers run inside these tracks, so there should be no obstructions  that could cause rollers to get jammed. These tracks have a vertical section and a horizontal section and are joined together with a plastic (or occasionally steel) curve


Rollers are used on all sectional garage doors and work to guide the panels through the tracks. Rollers are housed by the hinges and are important to keep lubricated at all times. When damaged, the bearings inside the rollers will collapse causing the rollers to ‘drag’ rather than roll through the tracks.


These curves connect the horizontal and vertical tracks. If the plastic curve breaks you will often find the rollers will jump out of the curve as they pass through, causing the panels to collapse.


These brackets secure the tracks to the walls and often become bent or broken when a door malfunctions.


Pulleys are found only on Sectional garage doors that use a Tension Spring System. The cables run through these pulleys and they have a bearing mechanism which should be kept lubricated at all times. Each door will have 4 pulleys in total: 2 x wall side pulleys, and 2 x spring side pulleys.


Bearing plates are used on Sectional garage doors that use a Torsion Spring System, and they house the torsion pipe in a way that allows it to rotate freely. These bearing plates should be kept lubricated at all times, and if one breaks, it should be replaced immediately in order to prevent further damage to the door. Each door has 3 bearing plates, one centre, one left, and one right. It is important to replace the bearing plates in the correct position.


These brackets are found on all Sectional garage doors and are the point at which the cables connect to the bottom of the door. Due to the extreme tension that the cables are under, these brackets hold a significant amount of force and should never be removed unless the springs are completely de-tensioned. There is a left and right cable bracket and it is important to replace them in the correct position.


Top brackets are found on all Sectional garage doors and allow for small adjustments of the very top panel.


These handle locks are used to both open and close the door by hand, as well as lock the door if there is no motor installed. Each T-Lock comes with a set or 2 keys.


Garage door batteries come in a wide range of size, volt, amperage, and price. We stock the majority of available batteries. Call us today to help identify the correct garage door battery for your motor.

For any parts or spares that have not been listed above please contact Durban Garage Doors directly and we will gladly identify and quote on whatever is needed