Industrial Roller Shutter Doors


Roller shutter doors are ideal for applications where a high degree of security is required, together with consistently good reliability. Roller shutter doors are easily adaptable to suit a variety of different installation details, making this type of door suitable for work in factories, warehouses, workshops, grain stores and other commercial buildings. As the door curtain is made from interlocking slats(as seen below), it can be manufactured to suit any height opening.

With a selection of different reduction gears and counterbalance springs to suit individual door sizes, operation of the rolling shutter door can be provided in any of several ways:

Self-Coiling: For doors up to 2.5 m high, a push-up type is available allowing operation of the door from either side.

Manual Hand Chain: An endless hand chain mounted inside provides easy operation for any given door height.

Gearbox Mechanism: A Gearbox and crank handle connected via a drive shaft can be fitted for reliable operation of the door.

Electric Operation: A selection of motor units, 220 volt or 380 volt, all with limit switch, controls, and a manual override in the event of a power failure.

There are many further options available to increase the size or function of the door, including;

Wicket Gates (Pedestrian door in curtain of shutter door)

These can be fabricated and installed to allow access to building without raising the roller shutter.

Ventilated Slats
Perforations in slats of the door curtain allows smells/gases to pass through, or prevent wind from blowing out the curtain.

Depending upon the operation chosen, lockable slide bolts or a wall-mounted chain keep can be fitted to most doors; both of these locks are suitable to receive padlocks.

Repairs and Service

In the event of your door being damaged by a truck, forklift or day-to-day wear and tear, we provide a responsive, reliable, and professional call-out repair service. Our repair team provides a complete on-site or workshop repair service for your roller shutter doors, and we endeavour to respond to urgent calls on the same day to secure your premises and assess the problem.

We offer free quotes and advise, and are capable of all repairs including:

  • Repair / Replacement of Springs
  • Broken End Shaft
  • Broken Barrel
  • Replacement / Straightening of Slats
  • Replacement / Straightening of Bottom Bar
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Hand Chain assembly repairs
  • Conversions
  • Guide replacement and refurbishment
  • Cover fitment
  • Automation Repairs
  • Locking Repairs
  • Etc…


Just like your car and other mechanical equipment, your doors must be regularly maintained to ensure they continue to work smoothly and reliably. Regular servicing will significantly increase the lifespan of your doors whilst minimising the risk of breakdowns and the costly expense of downtime and repair. At Durban Garage Doors we offer once off service of doors, or a convenient scheduled door servicing program.

Benefits of a scheduled door servicing program:

Scheduled servicing will maintain the overall operating performance and safety of your doors, and will also identify problems before serious and costly breakdowns occur.

We develop a service schedule based on your individual door types, usage frequency and requirements.

We provide a thorough inspection, check, adjustment, lubrication, replacement of consumable items and minor repairs, all as part of the service package.

Our friendly and reliable staff specialise in door servicing and are able to offer expert advice.